I was born in Italy on 1960 and I grew up with the landscape of Gulf of Naples and Vesuvio in front of my eyes.
When I was 12, an uncle gave me a Ferrania point-and-shoot camera, but I lost the same day: it wasn't a good debut! Later my father let me use his Zeiss Continette and when I was 17 I purchased my first reflex camera, a less expensive Zenith. After a year I bought a better camera and I began to work with some agencies.
At the same time I studied biology, because I wanted to start my career in nature conservation. So, my main interest in photography is about relationship between man and environment.
I got a formal training with the New York Institute of Photography and made further studies on technical and artistic issues by participating in workshops and courses (e.g. Adobe, Museum of Modern Art of New York, Magnum).
At the moment I follow several projects about social and nature conservation topics, collaborating with public and no-profit organisations, carrying out these assignments with my artistic aptitude.
Curator director of MuMi, the widespread museum of wildlife migration, Italy
Member of the Commission on Education and Communication of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
Member of the Italian Association of Professional Photographer - Tau Visual
Award winner "Premio Leonardo - 2011" for scientific popularisation.

March-April 2022 - "Soglitelle - Ponds", Dept. of Biology, University Federico II of Naples, Italy (solo show)
July 2021 - “Grasslands”, Centro Sociale, Piaggine (SA), Italy (solo show)
October 2020 - “Lecceta”, Bosco di San Silvestro, Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy (solo show)
September 2019 - “The Land of Fire Sunsets”, Centro Sociale, Castel Volturno (CE), Italy (solo show)
May 2019 - “The Land of Fire Sunsets”, Orto Botanico, Naples, Italy (solo show)
May 2018 - “Lecceta”, Orto Botanico, Naples, Italy (solo show)
Apr 2018 - “Grasslands”, Museo Zoologico, Naples, Italy (solo show)
Dec 2017 - “Natura 2000 in Campania”, Regione Campania Palace, Naples, Italy (solo show)
May 2017 - “A look on Campania”, Istituto di Cultura Italiana, Bruxelles, Belgium (solo show)
May 2017 - “Colours of nature”, Orto Botanico University of Naples, Italy (group show)
March 2014 - “A different Campania”, Comune di Sant'Antimo, Italy (group show)
October 2011 - “A look on Campania”, Comune di Salerno, Italy (solo show)
September 2011 - “Wonderful sea”, Comune di Agropoli, Italy (solo show)
May 2011 - “The walk of the water”, Municipality Palace, Moio della Civitella, Italy (solo show)
July 2010 - “The walk of the wheat”, Comune di Valle dell'Angelo, Italy (solo show)
June 2010 - “Irno river”, Arechi Castle, Comune di Salerno, Italy (solo show)
August 2008 - “E'l navigar m'è dolce”, Mediterraneo Video Festival, Agropoli, Italy (solo show)
May 2007 - “Wine and wineyards”, Caltel Nuovo, Napoli, Italy (group show)
August 2004 - “ Sponges”, Comune di Agropoli, Italy, (solo show)

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